The Turdler


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“Have you ever wanted to go back and re-live life as a toddler? Here is your chance to be The Turdler you always knew you could be in this crude VR title that throws you the reins of mass destruction.”

The Turdler is our first release for the HTC Vive released on the Steam Platform.  It is a simple game that consists of 4 scenes where you pickup and throw items that are within your game area at a variety of knick-knacks, windows and other strategically placed objects.

Every destruction, stain and poop you drop collects a score, keep destroying and watch yourself rise to the highest Turdler ranks in the world.

Whilst we don’t expect to win a BAFTA for this title, it’s simple, fun and when we’ve had friends over to test it out they’ve enjoyed the simplicity and crudeness.


The game consists of three levels and a bonus round ( additional content coming soon )

The Living Room


Why your parents would place you inside a play area with access to these toys and delicate knick-knacks is beyond us.  Be careful not to set the room on fire though and we believe the 70 inch HD TV is valuable 🙂


The Kitchen


Play time is over, it’s time for dinner but your parents have not noticed you have crawled into the kitchen.  I wonder what’s in the drawers?


The Bathroom


Try not to drop a dookie in the bath.


The Museum


The Turdler goes on his first outing to The Museum.  Oh what fun you’ll have with twin plastic guns in hand as you decimate 9th century historical artifacts.  This is not going to end well.



This title is for my Son, August.

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Nearly Everything by BucketShop Software

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Audio Jungle

Retro Vintage Cinematic – JetSounds
Perky Fun Retro 60’s TV Theme – Starry_Music
Surfing With Danger – Garry O’Neal
Spy Mission – VipMania

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